About Greg Cook

From the time Greg learned to walk, he was immersed in his family’s jewelry business. After attending college at Jacksonville State, Greg decided it was time to pursue a journey that would eventually lead him to being the successful business owner he is today.

Greg Cook's Fine Jewelry & Diamonds recognized as the business of the month by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce.

Greg moved to New York, attending The Joseph Bulova School of Watch Making earning a degree in Horology. Upon graduation Greg’s journey led him to the South Pacific where he was the managing supervisor of the Bulova Watch Factory in Pago Pago, American Samoa.

After several years away from home, a longing for the west Georgia area brought Greg back to his home state where he opened what was to become the successful family jewelry store, Cook’s Jewelry, in Carrollton, Georgia.

During the time of starting and maintaining a business, Greg also continued his education. He earned the title of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Diamond Graduate, GIA Pearl graduate as well as the title of IJO (Independent Jeweler Organization) Master Jeweler.

2003 was the year Greg’s journey finally came full circle. With the support of his wife and son, Greg opened a solo independent business, Greg Cook’s Fine Jewelry and Diamonds.

Greg Cook’s customers become life long friends. In an age of the super box store, the mega department store … smaller family-owned independent business owners struggle to compete with the non-personalization of mass consumerism.

Whether it’s that long-time customer who is now bringing in their grown child in need of an engagement ring, or a customer’s first visit to the store, it will be immediately apparent that they are respected friends. Greg also understands that with the ownership of a local business there is a responsibility to the local community. Greg readily gives back to those in need whether it is the support of the schools’ athletic programs, recreation departments, fundraising events for the hospital or various community members who battle catastrophic health issues.

Greg explained, “Were it not for the support of my community, I would not have a business. It is paramount that we all work to help and support one another. Supporting a local business reaches much further than just the business it touches the lives of the entire community.”

The personal attention afforded to all of his customers is why all repairs, sizing of rings and maintenance are done in house. “Our community deserves our expertise and full attention. It does not benefit anyone by sending things away to be worked on in another city or state?”

It will be Greg’s pleasure to welcome you and your family with the hope that you will enjoy the difference a lifetime commitment can make to you and your shopping pleasure.